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The understanding of the male menopause, with respect to reduced serum Estradiol levels, is gaining in importance for the therapy. Until now, little or no attention was paid to the minimal physiological serum Estradiol levels found in men as an explanation for the typical symptomology, which happens to be almost identical to that of women.

A basic prerequisite is, of course, an insight into the physiological spectrum of Estradiol levels found in young and vital men. A differential diagnosis is naturally dependent on the symptom pattern presented by the patient; nevertheless, it can only be confirmed following a measurement of the serum Estradiol in the laboratory. The dosage of Estradiol to be used will be evaluated according to the level of endogenous Estradiol measured. The median dose corresponds to 0.5 mg daily 17▀-Estradiol. Subsequent hormone assays should be taken following determination of the recommended daily initiation dose (4 - 6 weeks). The possible need for dosage titration can be recommended promptly. Even in the presence of a good and stable hormone adjustment, we currently recommend that E2 should be measured every three months in order to prevent a digression of the patient┤s hormone levels from a physiological norm.

HRT with natural Estradiol for Men

The interest shown in my medical work on estrogen treatment by fellow physicians has produced such a dramatic echo in the public at large, that I must regretably resort to a rather inpersonal mode of communication in responding to the immense number of enquiries on this subject as well as the requests for therapy guidelines or intake of new patients. I would no longer be able to handle answering each letter individually. On the other hand, please allow me to respond to you in this form, as I am naturally delighted to see your interest!

Personally, I have held many and will continue to hold information seminars for medical colleagues on this subject. Please feel free to contact me, should you be interested in attending such a seminar.

The success rate which I have witnessed to date has convinced me personally, and it will certainly contribute to promoting the interest in this subject among a large number of fellow physicians - and hopefully not just gynaecologists!

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