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Greetings Sir and Masterpiece of Creation! Have you experience your menopause yet? How can one tell?

Well, perhaps you have not been sleeping as well, you have been bothered with troublesome bouts of sweating, you are fighting with the awesome and increasing problem of hair loss, your "joie de vivre" is dwindling. Everything that used to be a source of such pleasure for you, is losing its meaning; work, for example, is no longer as much fun. You are experiencing heart palpitations or slight feelings of discomfort, your joints are creaking. You are simply becoming increasingly frustrated! One just wants to steal away - to an isolated island - or perhaps even much worse, you have comtemplated suicide? Donīt let this happen to you! It might just be that you are lacking in part your male sexual hormone: estrogen. Yes, you read correctly: male sexual hormone estrogen!!

Albeit small, men too, actually possess an immensely important estrogen serum level. This means that estrogen is no longer the privilege of women only, where we have now been successfully substituting it for treatment of the menopause for years.

Now there is no need for men to have to suffer during the second half of their lives without the advantage of therapy. All of the above mentioned symptoms are worth treating. If the diagnosis is correct, all of these symptoms can disappear, and life, even in the latter half, can be worth living again! Your female companion will be most grateful to you, once you rediscover your vitality, good mood and health! Perhaps you will even grow to be as old as women do. The cafes and restaurants will no longer be full of lonesome widows; men, too, will delight over the pleasures of good food and drink!

How one arrives at an accurate diagnosis, and where you can turn to for treatment is revealed to you under clinical practice and treatment in the menu.

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