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Recommended Therapy  

Estrogen and Progesterone substitution can in my experience, only work when using micronised natural Estradiol and Progesterone.

According to my own observations, attempts to treat with estradiol valerate
or so-called conjugated estrogens show no signs of success.
No positive effects on the male's serum estradiol could be demonstrated.

The ideal value area of the two hormones for therapy is:

Estradiol: 30 - 60 pg/ml
Progesterone: 3 - 10 ng/ml

It follows  that the following regimens are available for therapy:

2x one capsule daily with 0,25 mg natural Estradiol

2x one capsule daily with 50 mg natural Progesterone

10 mg  zinc and
0,014 mg copper


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